10 After-Reading Activites

Students, please find ONE partner and complete 3 of the following activities with them. Please choose the activities that you are going to do and let me know which ones and who you are partnered with. If you have any questions, ask three before me!


Activity 1: Students will use geometric shapes to recreate Holocaust memorials. They will use different household items to create at least 2. With every memorial that is made, a picture of the actual memorial and a short summary of it will be included, presented on a small poster board.


Activity 2: Students will re-create an image of when the American soldiers came and saved people from the concentration camps. The artwork must be detailed and incorporate 10 genuine aspects of the time, followed by a written description of at least one page.


Activity 3: Students will research the Diary of Anne Frank. They will submit a summary of two pages on the book and include an annotation for the book.


Activity 4: Students will create a venn diagram on a poster, comparing and contrasting the prejudice that occurred during the Holocaust to another event in history. The poster must have at least 10 points for each side and include pictures.


Activity 5: Students will choose 5 photographs and analyze them, looking for hidden meanings. They will create a two page report on the photos and create a collage.


Activity 6: Students will map a survivors story, recreating the path that they took including a timeline and photographs of the places they went.


Activity 7: Students will create headlines and news articles for the time of the Holocaust. The newspaper article should look authentic, containing a picture and details from the past.


Activity 8: Students will find and write on Nazi propaganda, using 3 popular posters from the time and write a report on what they perceive the poster to mean and how it may have influenced people.


Activity 9: Students will research diaries of people from the Holocaust. They will then recreate their own diary and write it as if they were going through the Holocaust as a Jew.


Activity 10: Students will create a timeline of the main events of the Holocaust, including pictures and a short summary of the event.