Pre-Reading Anticipation Guide

Fill in the first column before reading the text selection.
After reading the text selection, fill in the last column.
If you changed your answer, please provide reasoning on the bottom of this page.


Agree/Disagree BEFORE Statements

Agree/Disagree AFTER

A/D Adole Hitler came into power and encouraged prejudice against Jews. A/D
A/D People that were against Jews were called dehuminizers. A/D
A/D Jews were required to wear a star of David on their shirts. A/D
A/D If someone knew of a Jew that wasn’t following the strict rules now enforced, they were severely punished. A/D
A/D Genocide left 5 million Jews dead. A/D
A/D Genocide is the deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political, cultural, or religious group. A/D
A/D Assimilation is the process of being mainstreamed into a similar society. A/D
A/D Jews weren’t allowed to practice religion, go to school, or even live in adequate housing. A/D
A/D The holocaust began in Polland. A/D